The MIX began in 2012 at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference, with a core group of indies and press coming together to play fresh games in the IGN offices.  The MIX has grown considerably since then with expanded locations throughout the year, unique top caliber games at each event, considerable partner support and even bigger plans for 2015!

2015 calendar


We’re currently accepting submissions from indies interested in presenting their games at The MIX during GDC week in San Francisco (March 2) and the submission process for The MIX on the SWSXi Expo Floor in Austin, Texas (March 13-17) will open up shortly.

You can submit your game for The MIX SF March 2 here >

Learn more about The MIX from and 2014 events highlights on our About page.

Stay up to date with The MIX for information on future events: Twitter | Facebook | Newsletter

You can contact the team at mediaindieexchange [at]

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